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Match 3 Games

This is simple and fun Match 3 Games.
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Treasures of Atlantis

Rank: 9 ★★★
Candy House

Rank: 13Level: ★★★
Snow Queen 5

Rank: 25Level: ★★★
Cookie Crush 3

Rank: 26Level: ★★★
Forest Match

Rank: 39Level: ★★★
Snow Queen 4

Rank: 40Level: ★★★
Cookie Crush 2

Rank: 52Level: ★★★
Sweet Candy
Erase candy in this match 3 game!
Make all the panels the same color!
Rank: 58Level: ★★★
Snow Queen 3
Collect all of the fragments in this match 3 game! Erase three panels to gather the flower fragments!
Rank: 60Level: ★★
Jewels Blitz 3

Rank: 69Level: ★★★
Mystery Paradise

Rank: 70Level: ★★★
Easter Eggs
Line up four or more eggs of the same color to erase them in this match 3 game! Click the two eggs you want to exchange to move them. Erase lots at the same time to get a higher score!
Rank: 74Level: ★★★
Sweet Candies: the Second Story

Rank: 83Level: ★★★
Monster Battle

Rank: 86Level: ★★★
Brilliant Blocks 2
Line up three or more blocks of the same number or color to erase them in this match 3 game!
Rank: 88Level: ★★★★
1001 Arabian Nights 5: Sinbad the Seaman
A key-dropping match 3 game!
Rank: 88Level: ★★
Aqua Blitz

Rank: 103Level: ★★★
Hey Summer
Erase the blocks within the available number of moves!
If you think too much and don't erase anything, the game will end quickly!
Rank: 106Level: ★★★★★
Mayan Caves
Connect to erase three or more of the same balls in this match 3 game! Erase all of the designated balls to continue to the next stage!
Rank: 135Level: ★★★
Snow Queen 2

Rank: 137Level: ★★★
My Little City

Rank: 142Level: ★★★
Sweet Candies

Rank: 150Level: ★★★
Gems Swap II

Rank: 150Level: ★★★
Farm Puzzle Story 2

Rank: 171Level: ★★★
Candy Rain 4

Rank: 175Level: ★★★
Crystal Fairy

Rank: 188Level: ★★★
Jewels Blitz 2

Rank: 192Level: ★★★
Fantasy Star Match
Erase the blocks in this match 3 game!
Rank: 200Level: ★★
Fishdom™ 2
Design the fish tank by solving puzzles in this match 3 game!
Rank: 213Level: ★★★★
Sweet Hearts
Erase all of the white panels in this match 3 game.
Gather 3 blocks of the same pattern to erase them!
Rank: 231Level: ★★★
Virus Laboratory

Rank: 289Level: ★★★
Momo Pop

Rank: 294Level: ★★★
Wizard Jewels

Rank: 301Level: ★★★
Fruita Crush

Rank: 308Level: ★★★
Juicy Dash

Rank: 319Level: ★★★
Cookie Crush

Rank: 319Level: ★★★
Snow Queen

Rank: 331Level: ★★★
Battle of Immortals
Fight on the puzzle in this adventure game! Raise your favorite character!
Rank: 347Level: ★★★★

Rank: 352Level: ★★
Temple Jewels

Rank: 352Level: ★★★
Match 3 Balls
Gather balls of the same color in this match 3 game!
Rank: 372Level: ★★
Treasures of Montezuma 2

Rank: 391Level: ★★★
Sea Treasure Match

Rank: 391Level: ★★★
Candy Rain 3

Rank: 402Level: ★★★
Love Match

Rank: 413Level: ★★★
Funny Monsters

Rank: 453Level: ★★★
Alchemy Swap
Gather three or more medicines of the same color in this match 3 game!
Rank: 453Level: ★★★
The Wedding Gift

Rank: 470Level: ★★★
Underwater Secrets
Match the sea creatures in the match 3 game!
Rank: 470Level: ★★
Ancient Ore

Rank: 470Level: ★★★

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