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Manage your own castle! Make various institutions to strengthen your empire! If attacking and being attacked isn't your thing, make treaties with other countries!
Rank: 22Level: ★★★★
Fight with everyone in this action game!
You can also connect with other players to take down your opponents!
Rank: 96Level: ★★★★
Escape Game Ruined Ancient City

Rank: 108Level: ★★★
Escape Room
Escape from the room in this escape game! Easily accessible for beginners!
Rank: 127Level:
World Wars 2

Rank: 139Level: ★★★★
Virus Wars!
Place the vaccines to fight off the viruses in this defense game!
Rank: 168Level: ★★★
Final Siege
Protect the town from zombies! Don't forget to upgrade when you can!
Rank: 212Level: ★★★
Escape Game Fantasy Castle

Rank: 252Level: ★★★★
Bug War 2

Rank: 254Level: ★★★
Knight Elite
Fight the enemies and level up in this action game!
Rank: 262Level: ★★★
Swordless Ninja
Go on an adventure as a ninja in this ninja game!
Rank: 284Level: ★★★
Escape the Island
Escape the uninhabited island in this escape game!
Rank: 284Level: ★★
Bathroom Escape
Escape from the bathroom in this escape game!
Rank: 295Level: ★★
City Siege 3:Jungle Siege
Shoot the enemy troop in the jungle in this action game!
Rank: 321Level: ★★
Final Ninja Zero
A ninja adventure game! Defeat the enemies and machines with your shuriken!
Rank: 328Level: ★★★
The Viking Revenge
Widen your territory in this war game! Dispatch your soldiers to the battlefield!
Rank: 355Level: ★★★★
Zombotron 2
Go on an adventure in this zombie game! There are tons of zombies in the cave!
Rank: 355Level: ★★★
Big Bucks
Build a town in this board game!
Rank: 370Level: ★★★★
Command & Defend Russia
Become a commander and protect your defensive line from the enemy forces in this defense game!
Rank: 394Level: ★★★
Home Office Escape
Escape from the office in this escape game!
Rank: 411Level: ★★★★
Yellow Kids Room
Escape from the yellow kids room in this escape game!
Rank: 419Level: ★★★
Bob the Robber 2
Time to steal things in this action game! Don't be seen by people or the surveillance cameras!
Rank: 419Level: ★★★★
Test Subject Green
Use your head in this action adventure game! Grab the yellow rocks and head for the goal!
Rank: 427Level: ★★★★
Sift Renegade 3 - Expension
Defeat your enemies in this action game! Upgrade the weapons you like!
Rank: 441Level: ★★★★
Pilot Heroes

Rank: 454Level: ★★
Cactus McCoy 2
Look for treasure in this action game! Pick up weapons and defeat enemies along the way!
Rank: 461Level: ★★★★
SSSG - Beach Escape

Rank: 477Level: ★★★
Elven Defense
Use your bow to keep the enemies away in this defense game!
Use your magic to call your allies!
Rank: 505Level: ★★★★
Drago Adventure

Rank: 531Level: ★★★
Quest for Power 2
Protect your position in this defense game!
Rank: 531Level: ★★★★
Classic Escape

Rank: 572Level: ★★★★
The Silence Killer
Sneak around to progress in this ninja action game!
Rank: 572Level: ★★★★
Insects TD
Place the ladybugs and defeat the approaching insects in this defense game!
Rank: 600Level: ★★★
Asylum 3
Escape from the locked asylum in this escape game!
Rank: 600Level: ★★★★★
Castle Wars 2
Use the cards to defeat your enemies and expand your position in this war game!
Rank: 600Level: ★★★★
Scrap Metal Heroes
Dispatch various robots in this war game!
Rank: 600Level: ★★★
Defend Tribe
Attack the monsters and protect the village in this action game!
Rank: 621Level: ★★★★
Prison Escape
Escape from the prison in this escape game!
Rank: 621Level: ★★★
Shinobi Escape
Solve the riddles to escape in this escape game!
Rank: 621Level: ★★★★
Yeti Sensation

Rank: 621Level: ★★★
Feed Us 5
Attack the people in this adventure game! Collect lots of blood!
Rank: 646Level: ★★★★
Feed Us: Pirates
Attack humans as a pirahna in this adventure game. Collect as much blood as you can!
Rank: 646Level: ★★★★
Escape the Tree House 4
Escape the ranch in this escape game!
Rank: 646Level: ★★
3 Foot Ninja
Become a ninja and defeat your enemies in this ninja game!
Rank: 666Level: ★★★
Airport Rush

Rank: 666Level: ★★★
Sticky Ninja Academy
Jump to continue in this ninja game! Make sure to defeat your enemies to open the exit!
Rank: 704Level: ★★★
Meerkat Mission
Protect you land in this defense game!
Rank: 704Level: ★★★★
Creepy Ranger Tower Defense
Protect your tower from the ghosts in this defense game! Upgrade more and more!
Rank: 727Level: ★★
Dangerous Forest Escape

Rank: 727Level: ★★★
The Pyramid Maze

Rank: 763Level: ★★★★★

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