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World Basketball Challenge
World Basketball Challenge
<What You Need>
Up Arrow Key: to jump or shoot
Down Arrow Key: to feint or pick up the ball
Left and Right Arrow Keys: to move
Spacebar: to shoot

<How to Play>
Play one-on-one basketball with a twist!

1. Click Play and New Player, enter a nickname, click Ok, Select, Close, and Play, choose a country, and then click Play.
2. Dribble the ball as you move.
3. Use the up arrow key to jump and block you opponents' shots. If you block is effective, you'll steal the ball.
4. Hit the down arrow key to feint or pick up the ball.
5. Hit the spacebar to shoot. Shoot under the basket to make a dunk shot.
6. If you lose, it's game over. Each stage is three periods, and a period is a minute and a half.

☆ Basketball ☆
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