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Burger Restaurant 3
Burger Restaurant 3
<What You Need>

<How to Play>
Open up your own hamburger shop!

1. Click Start Game. The instructions will show in the beginning.
2. Click the oven to bake the bread.
3. Click the bread once it's baked to pick it up, and then click on the grill to grill the meet. Once it's finished, put the meet on the bun.
4. Click the ingredients to match the order.
5. Once you're finished, click the burger to pick it up and give it to the customer. Click the money to collect it.
6. There's also a special menu. You can make it in the same place.
7. Click the trash can to throw away an mistaken foods.
8. Upgrade with the money you save.
9. Click the machine of the corresponding color to make shakes.

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