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Jungle Shooter
Jungle Shooter
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<How to Play>
Harvest fruit to raise your pet!

1. Choose New Game on the first screen.
2. Match three or more of the same fruit to harvest them.
3. Use the walls on the side to bounce fruit.
4. If you erase the fruits consecutively, you can get a combo bonus.
5. If you erase a fruit with a bomb attached to it, it will erase the surrounding fruits as well.
6. When you have enough green energy on the right, click your pet to use a pet skill.
7. If you get enough fruit to reach the goal, you clear the stage and return to the pet village.
8. Use the fruit you gathered to raise your pet!
9. If you don't have enough fruit, return to the game and get more.
10. If the fruits reach the bottom of the screen, it's game over!
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