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Uphill Rush
Uphill Rush
<What You Need>
Up Arrow Key: to accelerate
Down Arrow Key: to stop/to go backward
Left Arrow Key: to lean backward
Right Arrow Key: to lean forward
Spacebar: to jump
M Key: to view or close the mini map
P Key: to pause
Z Key: to use turbo (speed doubles for 5.2 seconds)

<How to Play>
Maneuver various vehicles to the finish line!

1. Click Start Game, and then choose your favorite color from those displayed.
2. Maneuver bikes, trucks, buggies, and skateboards to avoid hills and other obstacles and complete the level!
3. There are ten Motorcycle Cups, and as you clear the missions, the locks will be removed.
4. Your lives and available time are limited.
☆ Car,Motorcycle,Skateboard ☆
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