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Black And White Mahjong
Black And White Mahjong
<What You Need>

<How to Play>
Erase pairs of tiles!

1. Click Play Game.
2. You start with the mahjong tiles stacked one on top of the other.
3. You can take away the tiles in pairs of two from the stack as long as they have the same pattern, but a different color.
4. You can't select tiles that have other tiles on both sides or on top of them.
5. If you remove all of the tiles, you clear the game.
6. If you can't remove anymore of the remaining tiles, it's game over!
7. If you can't remove anymore tiles, click Shuffle to reset the remaining tiles.
8. Letters are worth 50-70 points. Pictures are worth 100.
9. Click Hint to see a possible pair, but your score will decrease.
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