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Brave Soldier
Brave Soldier
Your brave soldier is on mission. His objective is to defend the army base building. Shoot all the enemies to kill them.
Hire gunman and craftman in your army. Upgrade your weapons in store and use them wisely. Watch your health bar and upgrade it after each level.

<What You Need>
Mouse: to shoot
Z Key: to throw a grenade

<How to Play>
Shoot all your enemies!

1. Click Play twice.
2. Shoot your enemies! You can use the Z key to throw grenades, but you have to buy them.
3. Use the money you earn to upgrade.
4. If you defeat the number of enemies required and displayed on the top left, you clear the level.
5. If you get attacked by an enemy, you'll lose Health. When you run out of health, it's game over!
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