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Tactical Combat
Tactical Combat
Welcome to the ancient world combat arena! Here the Gods and villains of power have the opportunity to compete in a battle to show the universe who reigns supreme! Select your character and triumph over the other Gods and villains! Adjust your fighting style and characteristics to out-do all who oppose you. Make sure you go through the in-game tutorial, or u will end up dead in the gutter.

<What You Need>

<How to Play>
The gods are fighting!

1. Click Play Game, Play Game, Skip, and choose a mode. In Tournament Mode, you fight other characters. In VS Mode, you can choose your opponent. In Survival Mode, fight to the death with no HP restoration. Choose a difficulty level and character, and then click Next and Continue.
2. Use money in the Shop to upgrade and set your skills, and then click start.
3. You move forward automatically.
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