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Uphill Rush 6
Uphill Rush 6
Go all-out crazy in this hi-speed sequel to the world-famous racing game!

<What You Need>
Arrow Keys: to drive
Spacebar: to perform a skill
X Key: to use turbo

<How to Play>
Drive various vehicles as your race to the finish!

1. Click Start Game, choose a stage, choose a difficult level, choose your character's gender, clothes, and boat, and then click Race.
2. Slide toward the finish line while grabbing the money along the way!
3. If you fall or run out of time, your number of Lives will decrease. If it reaches 0, it's game over!
4. As you use skills, the gauge on the bottom will increase. When it's full, hit the X key to use Turbo.
☆ Motorcycle,Boat ☆
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