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Empire Defense
Empire Defense
Your empire is under attack. Defend your empire from hordes of monster creatures and lead your warriors to victory with dozens of weapons, spells, traps and power ups. There are 86 upgrades of items and collect challenging medals in this action defense game.

<What You Need>

<How to Play>
Protect your empire!

1. Click Play, Play, and Start.
2. Click to throw rocks at your target.
3. When you finish the stage, click Next to go to the upgrade screen. You can purchase anything that has a yellow frame.
4. Use trap and skills by choosing them in the upper left corner and placing them.
5. The number of stones you have left is displayed above. You can change what you throw by clicking a different item.
6. If the enemies reach the front of your castle and attack, your Base health will go down. If it reaches 0, it's game over!
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