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Flying Talisman
Flying Talisman
Flying Talisman has a innovative gameplay, your task is to eliminate all the attacking zombies. Use your mouse to control the talisman. Gather the other talismans so you have more power to defeat the attacking enemies. A boss in every level is waiting for you, buy upgrades in the shop with the stars you have earned.

<What You Need>

<How to Play>
Attack the zombies with the talismans!

1. Click Play, New Game, 1, and then Continue.
2. The talisman will fly to your mouse.
3. If the flying talismans touch talismans placed on the screen, you can pick them up to make the flying talismans increase.
4. Attack the zombies with the talismans to take them down!
You have to attack the strong zombies with lots of talismans!
5. If the zombies reach the gong, the gauge above the gong will decrease.
If the gauge runs out, it's game over!
☆ Zombie ☆
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