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Shopaholic: Beach Models
Shopaholic: Beach Models
<What You Need>

<How to Play>
It's beach dressup time!

1. Click New Game.
2. Choose a character and click Ok.
3. Type in the name you wish to use and click Save.
4. The money you have is displayed in the middle of the bottom of the screen.
Go into a store, choose what color you like, and click the cart on top to buy!
5. Click the house on the lower left to change into clothes you've bought.
Click the left and right items, and click the icon on the lower left of the item you want to wear.
Click the bottom right icon to sell the clothes to a secondhand store.
6. You can go to your part time job by clicking the ice cream store.
You can't shop while you're working.
7. If you click beside your house, the map will open and you can change places.
8. You'll get mail in the upper left.
Buy clothes that match the requirements!
☆ Tycoon,Dress Up,Fashion ☆
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