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Hidden objects

Seek and Find Hidden objects games.
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A Secret Promise

Rank: 39 ★★★
Elite Sniper 2
Confront the organization that kidnapped your ex-wife in this sniper game! Look through the scope and defeat your enemies!
Rank: 80Level: ★★★
State Conspiracy

Rank: 190Level: ★★★
Ritas Halloween Party

Rank: 190Level: ★★★

Rank: 211Level: ★★★
Princess Juliet Carnival Treats

Rank: 215Level: ★★★
Circus Adventures

Rank: 215Level: ★★★
Minions Shopping Mania

Rank: 238Level:
Snail Bob 4
Lead the snail to the exit in this remote control game! Click to put him in and take him out of his shell!
Rank: 290Level: ★★
Fall of Darkness

Rank: 302Level: ★★★
China Temple

Rank: 323Level: ★★★★
Above the Clouds

Rank: 372Level: ★★★
Halloween Traditions

Rank: 403Level: ★★★
Clockworld Mystery

Rank: 415Level: ★★★
Grand Halloween
Find the Halloween goods in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 422Level: ★★★
The Best Recipe

Rank: 439Level: ★★★
Stolen Goods

Rank: 482Level: ★★★
Cruise Adventures

Rank: 508Level: ★★★
The Wedding Gift

Rank: 508Level: ★★★
The Scruffs Online
Search the house inside and out in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 539Level: ★★★
Pet Detective Case
Become a detective and find the missing pets in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 539Level: ★★★
The New Housekeeper

Rank: 562Level: ★★★
Cleaning Assistant

Rank: 575Level: ★★★
disgust home disaster

Rank: 621Level:
Toms Farm

Rank: 621Level: ★★★
Easter Egg Hunt

Rank: 671Level: ★★
Lost on the Road

Rank: 703Level: ★★★
Garden Secrets - Hidden Challenge

Rank: 723Level: ★★★
Find the products chop-chop in this tycoon game!
Rank: 723Level: ★★★
Snail Bob 8
A game in which you guide the snail to the exit.
Click to put him in his shell!
Rank: 764Level: ★★★
Imperial Gold

Rank: 764Level: ★★★
Pirates and Treasures

Rank: 764Level: ★★★★
Personal Shopper 5
Enjoy this christmas hidden objects game!
Rank: 802Level: ★★★
Fragments of Beauty

Rank: 802Level: ★★★
Case of Revenge

Rank: 802Level: ★★★
The Boogeymans Game

Rank: 838Level: ★★★
A Highlanders Destiny

Rank: 838Level: ★★★
The Devils Horn

Rank: 877Level: ★★★
Vintage Treasures

Rank: 927Level: ★★★
The Disappearance

Rank: 927Level: ★★★
The Desert Sun

Rank: 927Level: ★★★
Titanic: Keys to the Past
Search for the ship's mysteries in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 927Level: ★★★
Snowy Afternoon

Rank: 927Level: ★★★
Street Hidden Objects
Look for items within the town!
Rank: 980Level: ★★★
Garden Secrets Hidden Numbers

Rank: 980Level: ★★★
Rooms of Art 6
Find the target in this hidden objects game!
Find the targets one type at a time!
Rank: 980Level: ★★★★★
Paradise Island
Look for bugs as you try to escape in this escape game!
Rank: 980Level: ★★★
Three Sisters

Rank: 980Level: ★★★
Holy Shelter

Rank: 980Level: ★★★
Frozen Land

Rank: 1040Level: ★★★

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