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Hidden objects

Seek and Find Hidden objects games.
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Midsummer Love

Rank: 30 ★★★

Rank: 50Level: ★★★
Elite Sniper 2
Confront the organization that kidnapped your ex-wife in this sniper game! Look through the scope and defeat your enemies!
Rank: 87Level: ★★★
Scary Hotel

Rank: 154Level: ★★★
Elven Tale

Rank: 164Level: ★★★

Rank: 181Level: ★★★
Hidden Kitchen

Rank: 230Level: ★★★
Beware of the Night

Rank: 240Level: ★★★
Circus Adventures

Rank: 336Level: ★★★

Rank: 354Level: ★★★
Curse of the Ice Queen

Rank: 371Level: ★★★
Numbers in the City

Rank: 371Level: ★★★
Ritas Halloween Party

Rank: 389Level: ★★★
The Bullet
Find the sniper in this gun shooting game!
Rank: 409Level: ★★★
The Vanishing Village

Rank: 457Level: ★★
Secret Treehouse

Rank: 486Level: ★★★
The New Housekeeper

Rank: 495Level: ★★★
Titanic: Keys to the Past
Search for the ship's mysteries in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 495Level: ★★★
Vintage Shop

Rank: 515Level: ★★★
Rescue Squad

Rank: 526Level: ★★★
The Devils Horn

Rank: 526Level: ★★★
Redwood Park Zoo

Rank: 526Level: ★★★
Pierres Cafe

Rank: 542Level: ★★★
The Wedding Gift

Rank: 558Level: ★★★
Cruise Adventures

Rank: 575Level: ★★★
Word Search

Rank: 575Level: ★★★★
Snail Bob 4
Lead the snail to the exit in this remote control game! Click to put him in and take him out of his shell!
Rank: 614Level: ★★
Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship
Search for hidden objects in the sunken ship in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 614Level: ★★★★
The Palace Hotel

Rank: 637Level: ★★★
The Sacred Scrolls

Rank: 637Level: ★★★
State Conspiracy

Rank: 657Level: ★★★
Above the Clouds

Rank: 657Level: ★★★
Charity Sale

Rank: 685Level: ★★★
Abandoned Treasure

Rank: 685Level: ★★
The Scruffs Online
Search the house inside and out in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 685Level: ★★★
Haunted London

Rank: 685Level: ★★★
Lonesome Shadows

Rank: 711Level: ★★★
Passage to Outland

Rank: 711Level: ★★★
Memories of Summer

Rank: 739Level: ★★★
Winds of Peru

Rank: 739Level: ★★★

Rank: 767Level: ★★★
The Citadel Garden

Rank: 767Level: ★★★
Cleaning Assistant

Rank: 767Level: ★★★
Pet Detective Case
Become a detective and find the missing pets in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 767Level: ★★★
Pirates and Treasures

Rank: 767Level: ★★★★
Hidden Journey

Rank: 767Level: ★★★★★
Gem of the Orient

Rank: 811Level: ★★★
Railway Service

Rank: 811Level: ★★★
Hidden Princess

Rank: 811Level: ★★★★
Summer of Love

Rank: 811Level: ★★★

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