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These games are simple & mini games.
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Let's play pinball! Passing time is a breeze with this easy-to-play game! How many points can you score? Even kids can play this game!
Rank: 62
Titan's Tower

Rank: 189Level: ★★★
Line up three or more woobies of the same color! Dropping the woobies on top to the bottom is refreshing!
Rank: 248Level: ★★
Bricks-Squasher V1

Rank: 368Level: ★★★
Bloons 2
Use darts to pop the balloons in this stress relief game!
Rank: 391Level: ★★★★
Train Escape

Rank: 632Level: ★★★
Save the Birds
Feed the bird apples to save them in this fun game!
Rank: 653Level: ★★
Click various places on the screen in this mystery game! Just thinking won't help!
Rank: 689Level: ★★★★
Twin Shot
Shoot the bow in this action game! Shoot the bow upward to reach high places!
Rank: 689Level: ★★★
Monkey Go Happy 5
Make everyone happy in this mystery game! Solve various problems!
Rank: 759Level: ★★★
Doctor Teeth

Rank: 794Level: ★★★
Seagull Company
Farewell, summer gulls! The sailors signal the arrival of autumn with bells. Look for bells with the other sailors in this sentimental action game! The one who rings the bell is you!
Rank: 817Level: ★★★★
Helium Rush
Drop the rocks in this mini game! Pop the ballons, drop the rocks, and take down the zombies!
Rank: 853Level: ★★★★
Crazy Keepups
Try to get a high score dribbling in this soccer game!
Rank: 853Level: ★★★
Gibbets 3
Save the people by shooting the ropes around their necks in this mini game!
Rank: 922Level: ★★★
Fish in Trouble
Save the sinking fish in this same game!
Rank: 966Level: ★★★
Nimble Piggy
Shoot acorns in this mini game! Become a pig and try to defeat as many enemies at once as possible!
Rank: 1060Level: ★★
Monkey Go Happy
Make everyone happy in this mystery game! Solve various problems!
Rank: 1060Level: ★★
Tomb Runner

Rank: 1060Level: ★★★
Truck Racer
Aim for first place in this racing game!
Rank: 1131Level: ★★

Rank: 1131Level: ★★
Hamsterz Superstar
Play with cute hamsters in this fun game!
Rank: 1131Level: ★★★
Rabbit Love Wolf 2

Rank: 1217Level: ★★★
Pimp My Ship
Fly on an airship in this mini game! Use the money you save to upgrade!
Level: ★★★
Crusade V
Shoot the cannon in this mini game!
Level: ★★★★
Straight to the Exit 2
Head for the exit in this mini game! Grab the keys and open up the path!
Level: ★★
Puppy Love Bones

Level: ★★★
Monkey Go Happy 4
Make everyone happy in this mystery game! Solve various problems for them!
Level: ★★★
Apple Eaters
Don't let the vulture eat the apples you're picking in this mini game!
Level: ★★
Fanged Fun
Guide the face blocks in this remote control game!
Level: ★★★★
Housewife vs Zombies
Housewives are cutting down zombies in this zombie game! Try to take down as many as possible with one slice!
Level: ★★
Connect magnets of the same color in this puzzle game! Make sure to match the south and north poles!
Level: ★★
3 Rabbits Puzzle 2
Fit the pieces together in this puzzle game! Complete the puzzle! You can only use the pieces with the correct answer in places with equations!
Level: ★★★★
Brainless Zombie
Become human again in this zombie game! Take the pink brains!
Level: ★★
Gym Mania

Level: ★★★
Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3
Make everyone happy in this mini game! Solve the various problems!
Level: ★★★
Click Play Rainbow
Click the screen in various places in this kids game! Look for the triangle button!
Level: ★★
Healthy Teethy
Eat the fruit in this fun game!
Level: ★★
Monkey Go Happy Marathon
Make everyone happy in this mystery game! Solve various problems!
Level: ★★★
Fort Warrior
Keep moving for as long as you can in this action game! How many meters can you go?
Level: ★★★
Bottle On Head
Only drop the bottles in this mini game! Be careful, or the head will go flying as well!
Level: ★★★
Shell Challenge

Level: ★★★★
Illuminate 1

Level: ★★★★★
Puzzle Tag

Level: ★★
Bomb The Mountain

Level: ★★
prince bubble

Level: ★★★
Monkey Go Happy 2
Play pranks in this mystery game! Click various things!
Level: ★★
Reverse Boots
Pick up the keys and open the door in this mini game! Every time you jump, something in the area moves!
Level: ★★★
Doodle Chicks
Escapre from the dolls in this mini game! If you don't have all the keys, the door won't open!
Level: ★★★★
Reach the goal in this mini game! Press the switches and perform other actions along the way to keep going!
Level: ★★

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