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These are Rearing pet games.
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Rank: 222 ★★★
2048 Grow Up

Rank: 233Level: ★★★
Town Engineer
Create a town in this caretaker game! First, build house and collent rent!
Rank: 430Level: ★★
Fish Crunch
Eat the smaller fish to get bigger in this pastime game!
Rank: 541Level: ★★★
Build a city for yourself in this caretaker game!
Rank: 577Level: ★★★
masha and the bear farm

Rank: 623Level: ★★★
Happy Gardner

Rank: 699Level: ★★★
Tactical Combat
The gods are fighting in this fighting game! Cast your spells freely!
Rank: 771Level: ★★★★★
Baby Care Rush

Rank: 875Level: ★★★
Mini Robot Wars
Train the robots in this caretaker game!
Rank: 875Level: ★★★
The Vomitos
Feed the cute Vomitos character in this caretaker game!
Rank: 1013Level:
Cloud Guardian
Take care of the planet in this caretaker game! Raise the trees and mountains! Watch out for rabbits!
Rank: 1080Level: ★★★★★
Bulldozer Snake
Make the bulldozer longer and longer in this kids game!
Rank: 1152Level: ★★★
Animal Raceway
Refine your players in the mini games and then win the race in this land game!
Level: ★★★
Happy Gardener 2
Raise your garden in this caretaker game!
Level: ★★★★
Galaxy Explorer
Collect resources in this caretaker game! Watch your fuel usage and ship damage!
Level: ★★

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